Our Focus Areas

– Advanced DAOICO models with Smart Contract Integration
– Advising Token Holder Voting Options Creating Audited Blockchain Driven Profit Distribution
– Models Executed on Smart Contract Coins, Tokens and Smart Contracts and DLT for Publicly Listed Companies
– Crypto Exchange and Trade Platform Execution
– Industry Standards and Global Policy in both the public and private sector

– Ai Software Driven Crypto Investments
– Blockchain for personnel and identity Management
– Distributed Ledger Technology in Real Estate and Land Records Management
– Blockchain for Governments
– Cryptographic Ledger Currency Models and Closed Blockchain for private and Central Banks
– Distributed Ledger Technology for Corporates and Enterprise
– Blockchain Agnostic Crypto Wallet & Physical Card Solutions
– The Worlds First Fully Integrated Crypto Investment Bank
– Public & Private Listing Advisory
– Non-Profit Education

Strategic Alliances

By partnering with existing operators, key technology advisors, and industry leaders around the globe we are creating not only accountability but kinship and brotherhood within the Greater Crypto and Blockchain Technology community. This allows for greater knowledge share and rapid adoption of new opportunities to both improve our brand, image, customer service and make available the latest in technology and infrastructure as it applies to our services and products.

Financial Industry Endorsement – Banks and Hedge funds

We are reaching out to key bank advisors, fintech operators, and senior leaders within the industry by making and growing investment partnerships and building out and integrating existing infrastructures into our models.

Gamification Models

Gamification allows for guided investment through software driven Artificial Intelligence. By using gamified algorithms we can literally teach anyone to become a smart user of our platforms by integrating smart Ai driven models which recognize and catalog user habits, and then begin to ‘teach’ users to better use the platforms we offer by ‘coaching’ them based on their habits to make smarter decisions, when trading or making investments.

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