Word of mouth marketing

As customers adopt our technology services and understand how to replace their current methods of money movement with superior and more efficient technology it allows for a rapid word of mouth adoption, especially in the close knit tribal communities that exist throughout Africa, the Middle East and SE Asia. By taking the precedent of catering and customizing brand content and imagery to local target markets and communities our customers begin to easily garner affection for and kinship to our brand and image as part of their own community.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, WeChat, WhatsApp groups, Telegram Groups, etc

Crypto Expos

We have been attending Blockchain related events since November of 2017 and continue to attend, with five major events planned for 2018, including the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore in which the founder Joshua Hawley will be presenting solutions for greater ICO security and model for ICO standards.