Comprehensive Services Required for Successful ICO:


  1. Planning and strategy
  2. Transfer Agent services for crypto shares
  3. PR and marketing campaign management
  4. Bounty Campaign and Management
  5. Investor account and token issuance
  6. Exchange listing


Key Features Explained

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create your own altcoin with pre-mine, and change coin parameters to match your specifications and algorithm

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create a cryptocurrency (based on bitcoin) for you based on the specifications that you provide. You will receive your coin’s source code and a compiled windows wallet.

BAM will create an android wallet for your altcoin. It will be lightweight and based on Electrum. Unlike other android wallets our competitors are offering, this wallet does not require a local copy of the blockchain to work.

Blockchain has several key benefits:
Always On: The wallet is ready when you are. No need to wait for the blockchain to catch up.
Improved Battery Life: Not having to download/verify the blockchain means greatly reduced power consumption.
Reduced Storage Needs: The entire wallet takes up 6MB of space. Other wallets can use a hundred times this amount, or more, depending on their blockchain size.
Near Zero Data Usage: Cell phone data plans are expensive! Why waste your precious data downloading the blockchain? Data usage for this wallet is very low.

Other unique features include:
Bitcoin/Litecoin Support: All wallets built will also have optional bitcoin/litecoin support, providing greater utility for your users while also strengthening your brand.
Ridiculously Secure: All keys are stored on, and never leave, your device. Your wallet can also be encrypted with a password, to protect against malware and thieves.
Easy Backups: All of your private keys can be retrieved from a simple 12 word mnemonic. So, even if you lose your device, you can easily retrieve your coins.
Privacy: Transactions are broadcasted through an anonymization server, which hides your IP from prying eyes.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create an electrum wallet (windows) for your altcoin. It will look and function similarly to the bitcoin electrum client. Electrum wallets are fast and lightweight. The blockchain is handled by a remote server, so the client never needs to download it. With an electrum client, users will be ready to send/receive coins within seconds of opening their client

Instant On: The client does not need to download the blockchain, it uses a remote server.
Easy Backup/Recovery: Your wallet can be recovered from a seed phrase, making backup/restoration a painless process.
Safety & Privacy: Private keys are never sent to the server. Information sent by the server is verified using SPV.
Ubiquitous: You can use the same wallet on different computers, it will auto-synchronize.
Open: You can export your private keys into other Bitcoin clients.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create a block explorer for your cryptocurrency. The explorer is based off iquidus and is a flexible, powerful, easy to manage solution. It comes with some built-in features such as rich-list, peer list, and more. Purchasing this product requires that you have a x64 Ubuntu VPS available for use. If you require a VPS for this purpose, I recommend Digital Ocean. Their servers are top notch and only cost $5 USD per month.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritiusweb will create a mining pool for your cryptocurrency. The pool is based off NOMP and is easy to manage compared to other pool software.

NOMP has a few implicit security features that are appealing for both the operator and the users::
• No registration/login system, non-security-oriented miners reusing passwords across pools is no longer a concern.
• Automated payouts so operators need not worry about payment.
• Pool profits are sent to your personal wallet, not stored on the server – giving hackers little reason to attack it.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create a custom paper wallet generator for your coin. It is a self-contained javascript based HTML file that will generate cryptographically secure paper wallets for your cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will run a node of your cryptocurrency on our high performance VPS with 99.9% uptime SLA. This is particularly useful for coins that are just starting out, aging coins with few clients online, or just any coin that is experiencing connectivity issues.

JA faucet is a website that dispenses coin to visitors. Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will create and host a faucet for your coin.

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius web will create and host a web based wallet for your cryptocurrency. This wallet is accessible on all platforms, including mobile, iphone, and android. All information is stored client side, including the private keys, so users retain full control of their coins. Your wallet will be hosted on our servers for the specified time period.

List of some common work :
Included with the Web Wallet is the Premium Block Explorer. It is a high performance, powerful block explorer that provides a full public API and significantly more functionality than the Block Explorer Lite. This is a 100% free addition and will be hosted for the same duration as your Web Wallet

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius will compile clients for the specified platforms by getting your coin source code

Blockchain Advisory Mauritius offers a range of services for existing cryptocurrency, including those not created by us. We can repair any problems that your coin is affected by. We can also modify your coin to add new features to it.

For any changes we make that involve a hardfork, we will provide you assistance in making sure the transition is smooth one.

List of some common work that we do :

Repairs: Stuck block chain. Connection issues. Any issue requiring a hardfork.
Alterations: Modify block reward. Modify block time. Change difficulty algorithm. Add peer matching. Modify images.


High level timeline of the marketing campaign


Month 1: Website Launch ICO Start, SEO Paid Search, ICO Announcement Sites

Month 2: Blockchain News, Global PR distribution & Global PR distribution # 2,

Social Media, Blockchain Sites & Groups on Social Media, Facebook and Reddit.

Thread creation and ICO announcement
Thread on Bitcointalk forum, and Reddit; working with feedback and influencers; content and visuals creation.

Bounty program development & execution development of the bounty offer
Implementing rules; monitoring bounty campaign participants; analytics and announcing results. 40-60 participants

Add project to ICO listing websites Adding ICO information to ICO listing websites;
collaborating with website stakeholders on updates.

Collaboration with online media creating and distributing content;
Sharing updates and information with Blockchain media world.  10+ articles published

Newsletter for website subscribers 20 newsletters

Influencer Marketing Collaborating with Blockchain influencers and celebrities
3 Influencers support ICO

Buying budget for buying activities
[TBD], such as: blogger and influencer motivation, website ads, paid articles, banner ads 2500 clicks minimum

Media press release development:
Developing press release strategy and focal points; copy creation; visual concept development and design. 3-5 publications

Press release distribution
Distributing the press release to targeted (gold, finances, investments) bloggers, journalists and media; press release service distribution fee; working with feedback on press releases.

100+ copies sent

Manual press release distribution
Working with journalists, bloggers, and media that have expressed interest in both blockchain and financial topics; creating and publishing content and advertising.

5-7 publications

Facebook: Official page creation (design, copy, description, etc); 3 weekly updates (copy and creative); 7 day per week support – answering questions, responding to comments etc. 100+ posts.

Twitter: Official Twitter account creation (design, copy, description, etc);  updated daily, answering questions, responding to comments etc. 100 posts, 400 followers

Reddit creating official account: Publishing information about ICO in top cryptocurrency communities; user support and feedback. 10 posts

Messengers creation and support of Slack and Telegram Accounts; updating about last news and discussion participating. Daily status update

SMM – Chinese market promotionContent translation and distribution (Weibo & WeChat)

5-7 articles and 5000 Weibo,  1000 WeChat followers

Targeting ads

Ad creative and copy development
Optimizing campaign; setting up analytics tools; targeting audiences – 1. banking, gold, investments, 2. blockchain investors

2000+ clicks

Search Engine Optimization Optimizing website content with popular blockchain & investment search keywords; setting up analytics & conversion tracking;

Search traffic increase up to +30%; Conversion Insights

AdWords Paid search campaign development and implementation – creating ads to be shown for blockchain and investment related searches; plus Banner Advertising

Weekly/Monthly reports:
Weekly & monthly results summary and status call/conference. Detailed reports

Marketing Project Management Project management; analytics and strategy support of the project In-depth real-time analytic insights

Branding and design:
2 initial directions with associated brand values and keywords 1 moodboard to illustrate initial directions Logo exploration with 3 distinct logotype options Recommendations for typography, iconography, and imagery styles 1 brand color palette 1 style board to represent the brand assets as a whole Digital and Printer-ready files (e.g. vector logo files with different lockups ready for printing or placing in digital environments)

Web design
UX competitive analysis & strategy  Navigation recommendation and information architecture Sitemap High-level conceptual wireframes Detailed wireframes Visual design compositions for key page templates finalized its the UX design phase Content Strategy  A style guide with typography guidelines, color guidelines, icon and button active/inactive stated, highlight states, and error states to guide

Security mechanisms
Only user has control over their account 
 (on-chain everything) Recovery mechanism with multi-factor authentication Disaster recovery scenarios

Estimated Timeframe: 3-6 months

*Hosting Post-ICO

  • Optional post-ICO PR & Marketing support
  • Support would be to keep press and community talking about the project.
  • Post-ICO support agents • Support agents are available to answer all community questions.
  • Post-ICO market making /exchange plus required liquidity.
  • Setup a bot that will manage this trading.

Business Services


  • Offshore Tax Structure
  • Beneficiary Nomination
  • Foundation, Trust, Corporation private and public
  • Ras Al Khaimah, Mauritius, UAE
  • Onshore and Offshore Company Formation, Mauritius, Seychelles, RAK, UAE, Uganda
  • Banking for Corporate and Private
  • Resident and Citizenship services in Mauritius, Dominica
  • Regulatory Sandbox License in Mauritius for Blockchain and Fintech entities

-Contact us for your specific requirements!